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This section of the website is devoted to providing statistics on the Toronto real estate market. Careful evaluation of this type of information can sometimes provide valuable insight into the market, the factors that drive the market, and possible future trends. Be very careful before making a buying or purchasing decision based on these type of statistics alone. Predicting the future by extrapolating from the past can be very risky without professional advice.

Sales Volume Statistics

2019 Monthly Sales versus 2018

Chart of 2018 vs 2017 sales by month

The Toronto Real Estate Board reported 4,399 homes sold in December 2019. This December sales volume represents a typical for the time of year 38 percent decline from the sales volume reported for November 2019 but was 17.4 percent higher than the sales volume reported a year ago for December 2018.

Annual Sales Volume 1980-2018

Graph of Annual Sales 1980-2017

This chart graphically depicts the number of single family homes sold in the years 1980 through to 2018. The volume of sales in the Toronto area experienced peaks in 1986 and 1988 followed by slow years during the early 1990's. Sales volume picked up from 1996 onwards. Sales of resale homes in 2016 were the highest recorded. Total sales volume in 2018 declined by approximately 31.5 percent from the high of 2016, and were 16.1 lower than 2017.
[Note: the Toronto Real Estate Board's geographic boundaries were changed during the period depicted in the graph, so direct comparisons between 1996 and 1986 for example, are not valid]

Sales Year-To-Date

Graph of 1991-2018 Sales Year to Date

This chart depicts the number of resale homes sold to the end of December for each of the years 1991 through to 2019. While 2019 sales volume year-to-date was higher than 2018 it was still lower than the years 2013 through to 2017.

Average Selling Prices

Average Selling Price 1980-2018

Graph of Average Selling Price 1980-2018

This chart presents average price trends for houses in the Toronto area during the last 38 years. House prices clearly peaked in 1989 and then dropped until 1996. House prices have been steadily increasing since then. Prices levelled off during 2008, but resumed their upward climb in 2009, climbing steeply in 2016 and 2017. Prices declined by 4.3 percent in 2018.

Average Monthly Selling Price 2019 vs 2018

Image of Average Price 2019 vs 2018

The average selling price of homes that sold during December was $837,788 - which represents a slight 0.6 percent decline from the average price reported for November 2019. The December monthly average selling price was however also 11.9 percent higher than the selling price reported for December 2018. Average selling price reported on a monthly basis can be misleading as it is comprised of a combination of the real value of property plus the ratio of higher priced to lower priced homes that have sold during the month. The mix of homes sold during November is depicted below in the Sales by Price Breakdown chart.

The average selling price year-to-date to the end of December 2019 was also $819,319 - approximately 4 percent higher than the average selling price for the full year 2018.


Image of number of properties for sale

This chart depicts the number of active listings (properties for sale) on the Toronto Real Estate Board. There were 7,406 properties listed for sale in December 2019 which represents a 38 percent decline from the number of properties listed for sale in November 2019 and a 35 percent decline from the number of properties listed for sale a year ago in December 2018. The number of new listings coming onto the market in December was 18.1 percent lower than a year ago.

Home Sales by Type/Price

Home Sales by Type of Property:

Graph of Single Family Sales by Type

This chart breaks down single family residential sales during December 2019 into the various different categories of property such as single family detached, semi-detached, townhouse etc.



Home Sales by Price Range

Image of Sales by Price Range

This chart breaks down sales of single family homes during December 2019 into price ranges so that the most popular (highest selling) price ranges can be quickly determined. Sales volumes during December were highest in the $600,000 - $700,000 price range with sales in the $700,000 - $800,000 coming in second. The mix between sales of higher priced homes versus lower priced homes directly affects the average selling price reported for the month.

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